Odour Killer


Safe4 Odour Killer is blend of organic oils that break down the molecules that cause the odour rather than merely cover up one odour with another.

Eliminates all offensive odours such as urine, cigarettes, strong animal and pet odours (including male cat odour).

Safe4 Odour Killer is

  • Non toxic
  • Non staining
  • Non tainting
  • Non corrosive
  • Non irritant
  • Biodegradable
  • Does NOT contain Phenols, Aldehydes or alcohol.
  • Download the data sheet here

Safe4 Odour Killer Eliminates offensive odours including the smell of urine, cigarettes, strong animal and pet odours (including male cat odour). Specifically formulated to combat gas producing bacteria that cause malodours.

Safe4 Odour Killer can be applied to worktops and sinks, carpets, bedding, fabric, drains, sewers etc., pens, kennels, cages, quarantine and isolation areas. *Patch test on small inconspicuous area before spraying directly onto fabrics.